Saturday, September 22, 2012

prettyLITTLE FALLproject

prettyLITTLE FALLproject

found these crazy retro chairs at the thrift shop today for $8 bucks each. they caught my eye and i thought they had a lot of potential for a redo. i thought with a makeover they could be great for my future apartment come january.

the prettyLITTLE plan :)

 1. strip the paint
2. repaint in a yet to be determined color ...maybe... white? taupe-ish? natural?
3. redo the upholstery ...maybe in a floral print? 
4. add a large, solid, bright pillow
(5. or flip flop with bright, solid seat, and a crazy, fun pillow)

cannot wait to start :))



1. get yourself a blank canvas of recipe box from a craft store
2. i mixed acrylic paint to a nice dark brown and painted the entire box
3. i then painted the inside rim a magenta
4. i cut painters tape into a chevron pattern
5. then i mixed paint into a nice pretty blue-green
6. on top i cut some decorative paper and modge-podged it to the surface
7. i sanded a bit of the box
8. last, i modgepodged the entire box
9. my recipe cards are from anthropolgie.

one recipe box (michaels)
acrylic paints
sand paper
tape (to create chevron pattern)
decorative paper
modge podge

some other prettyLITTLE projects in SEPTEMBER... :)

...yessss, yes it is :)

bucket list project completed. check!

love this verse :)

my first etsy sale! all the way to KENTUCKY!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

prettyLITTLE string-art

BUY your own personalized pre-made prettyLITTLE string art. Check out my ETSY page for more details:

prettyLITTLE string-art

2x2 plywood
sander (for harsh edges)
spray paint
nails & hammer

1. draw shape - perfectionists, this may take awhile!
2. hammer in nails - i did mine about 1.5 inches apart
3. spray paint
4. string your little heart out :)

[ idea credit from ]

i aslo made an anchor :)





you will need:
8x10 picture frame
hot glue gun
screen wire - can get this at hardware stores
twist in ceiling hooks
gold spray paint - (optional)

1. remove glass and backing from frame
2. cut wire to fit the back of frame
3. spray paint wire (i spray painted my wire gold on one of my frames because my hooks were gold and i wanted my hooks to match the wire)
4. hot glue the wire to the back of the frame
5. equally measure and space out where you want the hooks to be
6. drill/screw in hooks
7. hang :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

prettyLITTLE jars!


glass jars with screw lids
modge podge
paint brush
decorative craft paper

1. Start with an empty class jar clean
from labels.

2. Find your favorite piece of craft
paper and a circle that is about
1/4 inch larger than your lid.

3. Trace the circle.

4. Trace the lid facedown in the
bigger circle.

5. Use a ruler to make lines
starting from the inner circle.

6. Cut the lines to the tip of the

7. Modge Podge the center circle
to the lid. Then Modge Podge each
strip and bend over lid. Once all
strips are complete Modge Podge
lid to finish.

I use my lids to store change, hair accessories, and buttons!